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AFSG financial planners are experts in financial planning for wealth management and wealth creation

We can help you in all areas of financial advice including investing, property investment, superannuation, life insurance, retirement and estate planning through all life events and stages such as marriage, divorce, retirement and more.

In addition, we provide

  • Your first meeting free of charge
  • Personalised financial planning strategies
  • A fee based service where we prioritise your financial needs, not those of the banks or financial product providers
  • A service that can be conducted via Skype or phone



Whether you are starting work for the first time and need advice on the right fund for you, or whether you have a variety of funds from an array of employers, our Financial Planners can create a superannuation strategy that fits your needs, and find a fund which suits your lifestyle. This may include achieving a better rate of return through an analysis of your current investments, consolidating multiple funds into one, obtaining the insurance cover you need through often cheaper group insurance via superannuation, establishing a contribution strategy that will provide you with the income you need in retirement or considering whether a self-managed super fund (SMSF) would better meet your objectives. In any case, our advisers can assist you will all of this and more.

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As you approach retirement, an important part of any financial plan is how to best use the wealth and assets you have accumulated to help support yourself and those important to you in retirement.

Whether it involves superannuation income streams or assessing your eligibility for Centrelink benefits, our advisers can help structure the most effective strategies to ensure you achieve your goals whilst providing a clear direction so that so you are able to best utilise your retirement assets when you need them most.

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Wealth Creation

In the short-term, establishing some level of savings is crucial to financial stability. Having some money set aside helps you deal with large bills or unexpected expenses. As your savings build you will be able to think beyond day-to-day expenses and pay for larger things, like a holiday, a new computer or a car.

In the medium-term, you can save larger amounts for things like a deposit on a house. In the long-term, you can aim to have enough money saved to give you more choices when you retire. If you go down this path, you may want to think about putting your savings into investments that will grow your wealth.

From the short term to the long term, our financial advisers will assist in developing strategies to meet your goals from what may start off as debt consolidation and grow into a long term wealth creation strategy that provides you with extra security in the event of emergencies and over time provides for the purchase of that investment property you've always wanted. Whatever your objectives may be, AFSG can assist in the achievement of these goals.

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Financial Planning Meetings via Skype or Phone

AFSG understands that not everyone is able to attend our Sydney CBD office for financial planning meetings so we are pleased to be able to offer a Skype video conferencing service.

This service enables clients and prospective clients who are interstate or overseas, or simply don't have the time or inclination to attend our offices to be able to speak and interact with one of our financial planners or other team members from the comfort of their own home or workplace.

What is required for a Skype Video Conference Financial Planning Meeting?

You will require a computer with internet access, a Skype account, and at minimum a microphone (microphone and webcam are preferable).

How can I receive personalised financial planning advice if I don't get to meet my financial planner?

Our administration team can send you all the information you require before your financial planning meeting including our Financial Services Guide and Privacy Policy. We will also send you an electronic copy of our Client Profile document which is a detailed questionnaire about your personal and financial situation.

You can return this document to us electronically or by post so that your financial planner can review your personal situation before your scheduled meeting and can discuss these with you during your Skype or telephone session.

AFSG is a fee based financial planning firm which means that our clients pay us a pre-quoted set fee for the time and expertise of our financial planners. Our Skype and telephone financial planning meetings are charged at our normal fee for service price.

The first meeting is free. After this initial free meeting you can choose to progress to a full financial plan. Your financial planner will be able to give you a comprehensive quote for a full financial plan tailored to your personal situation and service requirements after your free first meeting.

How do I book a Skype Video Conference Financial Planning Meeting?

To book your Skype financial planning meeting, simply complete our online appointment request form and one of our team members will be in contact with you to arrange a suitable time.

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